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my friends are a different breed, my friends mean everything
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suju ∆ hae you dork
03 04 11(no subject)
fcukingg0ddess → lostseouls
isn't it pretty? i decided to splurge on a rename token, it was way past overdue. i couldn't bear to move to a new journal though. anyway, i promise i'll start posting more you guys. i miss writing about my life. proper proper entry later - i have so much to tell you guys, like i don't know, how i went to super show?
suju ∆ hae you dork

LEXXI - new york. teenager. asian. tiny. art-bound. fashion. photography. disney. traveling. films. parties. kpop. music.

FANDOM - inuyasha. kpop. pretty little liars. merlin. greek. gilmore girls. disney. skins. 'bandom'
a girl who lives between the hundred acre woods, never never land, and wonderland
who's living existence is fed off music, art, and literature; and the tiny hope peter pan
will come to her window and teach her to fly.
suju ∆ hae you dork
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